Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage System


Trico offers a line of fluid storage solutions for bulk oils.  Fluids are purchased in bulk as they are more cost effective due to reduced packaging.  However, these containers are difficult to store and handle as they take up valuable space.  With Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage System the process just got easier.


Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage System replaces 55-gallon drums or any other container with a clean, stackable, and systemized storage and dispensing system.  These strong and durable high-density polyethylene tanks are available in 70, 121, 145, and 230 gallon tanks to accommodate any fluid storage requirements.  The translucent tanks allow visual monitoring of fluid levels, eliminating product run-outs and downtime.  The tanks also have volume markings molded into them in gallons and liters, no more guessing on oil levels.


All storage tanks have unique top outer grooves that interlock with the bottom inner grooves to secure tanks in place when stacked.  A unique cut-out area allows the lower tanks of a stacked system to be filled as well as providing a safe and secure area for a desiccant breather to be installed.  With a desiccant breather the tanks will be free of contaminants.


The Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage System is available in multiple configurations.  Each system includes storage tanks, steel stand, drip trays and steel frame holder, valves, connectors, and connecting hose.  Tanks are also sold separately to mix and match.
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