Speed-Commander™ 1400 SoftEdge™ high performance door


The Speed-Commander™ 1400 is a high performance, high speed roll-up door system, designed for use on interior openings up to 14’0“wide X 16’0“high and features unique SoftEdge™ technology.  This innovative bottom profile deserves the attention of any company interested in adding to safety and efficiency of operation, while reducing door maintenance and repair costs; it maximizes protection of people and goods, considerably reducing risk and damge.  Horizontally stable, the door includes an integral damage control breakaway system, saving on costly repairs and downtime.  In case of a collision, the curtain breaks-away without damage and is easily fed back into the guide tracks.  In addition, the state of the art accelerated opening speed contributes to energy savings as it reduces loss of conditioned air. 


• Opening Speed - Up to 100” per second / Closing speed = 30” per second • Size of Opening - _____ w x _____ h (Maximum 14’0”w x 16’0”h.) • Material to be - 58 oz. / sq • Standard power requirement - 460 v or 230v / 3 phase / 60 Hz.
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