Spieth Type MSF Locknut


Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., (AME) Rockford, IL announces the new Spieth Type MSF Locknut designed for limited space applications in toolholding. The new MSF series features a reduced width made possible by a new design geometry.  Because of the reduced width, the precision locknut is especially useful for limited space applications.  The geometry for the mechanism of the locknut is based on Spieth’s diaphragm principle, in which the load and locking parts are constructed from one piece. 

The locknuts are produced with common pitches and are available in Metric sizes ranging from M25 to M100.  The “vise-like” locking feature also allows the locknut to remain locked without additional components such as pins and keys to hold it in place.   During the locking procedure, the thread flanks are loaded in the direction of the load, providing a connection with high axial rigidity. 

The clamping screws are provided with a hexalobular socket head, which is similar to a TORX system screw. These screws are designed to improve the handling, mounting and service life of the tools used for tightening the screws. The MSF reduced-profile locknuts are used in applications where space is limited. The locknuts use the Spieth locking principle that provides vise-like locking of the locknut    


  • reduced width
  • metric sizes ranging from M25 to M100

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