Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics and a leading manufacturer of standard and custom AC and DC fans, fan trays and accessories, has developed the first DIN rail mounted fan for thermal management issues in enclosures or cabinets.  The SpotCool DIN rail mount fan provides an energy-efficient alternative to design-in cooling solutions with a simple installation that can be placed in any enclosure.

The SpotCool fan provides directed airflow of up to 120 CFM in any area that facility air conditioning cannot reach with minimal noise and power consumption.
“The patent-pending SpotCool fan is a simple solution to supplemental area cooling, emergency cooling and off-hour cooling applications,” said David Luna, product marketing manager, Orion Fans.  “The SpotCool fan is the first to offer DIN rail installation, providing an innovative option that takes advantage of mounting hardware that is nearly universal in all types of enclosures.”

Designated the OD1232-SPOT/DIN, the complete SpotCool solution is immediately available through Allied Electronics and Orion Fans.  It features a standard thermistor control function that modulates airflow according to the ambient temperature changes within the enclosure, meaning that it will increase and decrease airflow in response to temperature changes; using less energy without requiring user interaction.  The SpotCool DIN rail mounted fan is a tube axial DC fan that is able to provide sufficient on demand supplemental airflow to cool equipment used on a 24-hour basis; and can prevent equipment downtime caused by higher temperatures during routine shutdown of facility HVAC systems.
The OD1232-SPOT/DIN fan is a 12V DC fan that measures 4.7” x 1.25” (120x120x32mm) and is offered with ball bearings.  The fan features a maximum airflow of 120 CFM with a speed of 3550 RPM.  Operating temperature ranges from -20ºC to +80ºC, and life expectancy (L10) is to 60,000 hours.

Designed for quick, simple installation to direct airflow to where needed, The SpotCool fan is easily mounted on a DIN rail with a 4-screw, 5-step installation.  If there are no options for a screw-mount, the SpotCool fan can be securely fastened with the provided double-sided automotive type industrial mounting tape which facilitates its mounting any place in the enclosure and in any direction.  Orion Fans offers an installation package for the SpotCool DIN rail mounted fan that includes a power source that can be plugged into any standard 5-15R outlet, finger guards with hardware, mounting brackets, a 6” DIN rail, clip and mounting tape.

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