Sprayable Ceramic Coating


Henkel has introduced a two-part, sprayable ceramic coating designed to protect metal surfaces on industrial equipment from wear, abrasion and corrosion. Packaged in a convenient, reusable dual-cartridge dispenser, Loctite® Nordbak® 7255(TM) Sprayable Ceramic Coating is sprayed onto metal components to create smooth, low-friction surfaces that improve equipment efficiency.   The sprayable coating may be quickly and evenly applied to large surfaces and complex or intricate areas that are difficult to coat. Loctite® Nordbak® 7255(TM) is ideal for use on tank linings, mixing vessels, pump housings, impellers, chutes, troughs and centrifuge components. The solvent-free, thixotropic formulation can be used in overhead applications, and adheres very well to a range of metal surfaces.   Loctite® Nordbak® 7255(TM) acts as a sacrificial and renewable surface, protecting metal components from abrasive and corrosive agents. The coating can be reapplied over existing epoxy surfaces. Loctite® Nordbak® 7255(TM) is packaged in a 900-ml dual-cartridge dispenser. The cartridge comes with two static mix nozzles that ensure thorough mixing.    


  • protect metal surfaces
  • reusable dual-cartridge dispenser
  • solvent-free, thixotropic formulation