Spring-Loaded Linear Position Sensors


Macro Sensors (www.macrosensors.com) bridges the gapbetween price and performance for industrial gaging with its new GPA Series Spring-Loaded Linear Position Sensors. Packaged as a low cost alternative for general purpose gaging applications, these Spring Loaded AC-operated LVDTs maintain the same quality and performance associated with Macro Sensors LVDTs but at a moderate cost.

The GPA Series Spring Loaded Gage Heads are ideal for use in non-harsh environments for general positioning and gaging applications in assembly operations, machine tool and production line inspection as well as quality control and testing labs.  Specific applications for these economic Spring Loaded AC-LVDTs include position feedback for pinch and gap roller alignment in printing operations, gaging the thickness of sheet metal during metal forming and stamping operations and ensuring critical dimensions for brake pad manufacturing machines. 

Designed specifically to meet the needs of the industrial gaging and OEM marketplace, the GPA Series Spring Loaded Sensors are available in a variety of ranges from ±0.050 inch (±1.25 mm) to ±2.00 inches (±50.0 mm), with a maximum linearity error of ±0.25% FRO.   Constructed of stainless steel, the front end of the spring-loaded LVDT has a 1/2-20 UNF 2A thread on the housing, allowing the user to install the LVDT into a mating threaded part, or alternatively, ‘bulkhead’ mounted using  two furnished hex nuts.

Connected to any standard (differential input) LVDT signal conditioner, these AC-operated Spring Loaded Sensors provide a variety of analog or digital outputs.  Electrical interface is via a 3 foot long, 32AWG, 6 conductor, teflon insulated/shielded cable. The entire package meets IEC standard IP-61. Sensors work with programmable logic controllers, limit switching relays or a users’ own conditioning electronics/system. 


  • ideal for use in non-harsh environments
  • variety of ranges
  • maximum linearity error of ±0.25% FRO
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