Spring-Type Terminal for 2/0 and 4/0 Conductors


The newest additions to WAGO Corporation’s 285 Series (POWER CAGE CLAMP®), the 285-150 (2/0) and 285-135 (2 AWG) terminals, round out the only spring-type terminal block line that terminates conductors from 2 AWG to 4/0. POWER CAGE CLAMP® contact technology adds a twist to WAGO’s CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology — for fast, easy and maintenance-free connections — conductors up to 4/0 AWG are terminated with one turn of a hex wrench or with a screwdriver (2 AWG).

“The addition of the 285-150 allows us to offer the only complete line of spring-type, rail-mounted terminal blocks from AWG 22–4/0,” said Michelle Goeman, WAGO Terminal Blocks and Electronic Interface product manager. “This brings CAGE CLAMP® convenience, reliability and gas-tight connections to high-current applications.”

Touch-Safe POWER CAGE CLAMP® Places Emphasis on Safety and Ease of Use:
The two-conductor, feed-through block provides safe, secure connections for all conductor types up to 200 A/600 V. All POWER CAGE CLAMP® members feature a side-entry design, making them ideal for connecting large conductors in space-restricted areas, such as switchgear cabinets. Termination is simple: one twist of a hex wrench (2/0 or 4/0) or screwdriver (2 AWG) activates the spring and clamp. Next, push the locking tab, freeing both hands for conductor manipulation. A simple rotation releases the latch, clamping the conductor in place.  

To complement the side-entry design, an available comb-style jumper provides safe potential commoning. No tools are needed as the jumper snaps into place, saving wiring time (and associated costs) related to securing the screws in the bridge-style jumpers used by competitors. For easy troubleshooting, the POWER CAGE CLAMP® features a built-in test point and an optional Test Plug adapter for testing wired blocks. The space-saving Power Tap is also available for safe power distribution to additional loads — it is simply installed into the jumper slot.
The POWER CAGE CLAMP® further ensures personnel safety with features such as: a shock protector for unused conductor entries, highly visible test plug covers, as well as available WMB/WSB marking tags for convenient identification. UL approval is currently pending.

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