Spyder 3 CL Line Scan Camera: Unique Dual Line Scan CCD Sensor offers Unparalleled Responsivity


DALSA Corporation [TSX: DSA] today announced its Spyder 3 CL line scan camera with Camera Link interface. The Spyder 3 surpasses its predecessor, the Spyder 2 with three times more responsivity and twice the speed, without impacting noise levels. The camera’s responsivity is particularly important in low lighting situations. At its core, is DALSA's latest dual line scan sensor technology which achieves unprecedented responsivity and throughput of 80 Mega pixels per second.

“The Spyder 3 CL offers significantly higher responsivity enabling our OEM customers to capture high quality images, even in low light conditions. Dual line scan technology offers a clear price/performance benefit, and as a result OEM customers are quickly moving to integrate the Spyder 3 CL into their systems,” said Dave Cochrane, Director of Product Management and Marketing at DALSA.

Since the company was founded in 1980, DALSA has led the industry in line scan technology which uses a single line of pixels to build up seamless two-dimensional images of moving objects. The Spyder 3 CL can be used for many applications including glass edge inspection, general purpose web inspection, postal sorting, industrial metrology, pick and place applications and medical and scientific imaging. The DALSA Spyder 3 CL line scan camera can accelerate applications with better image quality and higher throughput, boosting quality and efficiency. The camera’s high responsivity to light enables precise inspection, even without optimal lighting, reducing both lighting and overall system costs.

Key features and benefits of the Spyder 3 CL include:
· Broadband responsivity up to 408 DN/(nJ/cm2) enabling low-light applications
· Up to 68 kHz line rate for high speed and high productivity
· Camera Link configuration for easy integration into existing systems
· Three times the responsivity of standard line scan cameras for optimal performance in low light
· High or low speeds (40 or 80 mega pixels per second throughput), to suit varying application requirements
· Fully programmable, offering precise control over key performance variables such as gain and offset.
· Advanced features such as flat field correction and CDS (Correlated Double Sampling)
· Aggressive price/performance solution for OEMs and system integrators

The Spyder 3 CL is available immediately for 1k and 2k resolutions. For those OEMs migrating from the Spyder or Spyder 2, the Spyder 3 CL does not require a new optics design because pixel size and fill factor remain unchanged. The camera is also available with GigE interface, so OEMs can now take full advantage of this unique camera with either a GigE or Camera Link interface.
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