Square D® MD50 Motor Disconnect Switch


The new UL 508-listed Square D® brand MD50 motor disconnect switch from Schneider Electric provides reliable, safe and quick power connections in industrial facilities, and prevents process interruption by cutting power to a motor if necessary while not affecting the main circuit. IEC 60309-compliant technology helps the Square D brand MD50 increase safety on a plant floor by making it virtually impossible to plug in a power receptacle having different voltage and ampere ratings, while a mechanical interlock forces an operator to insert a plug before power can be turned on and to turn power off before the plug can be removed. Pre-wired for quick and easy installation, the Square D brand MD50 is appropriate for applications like food processing, packaging, automotive assembly, material handling/conveyance, textiles, mining, petrochemical refining and pulp/paper manufacturing. “The new Square D brand MD50 motor disconnect switch can be a great asset in an industrial facility because of its ability to manage circuits powering motors,” said Roger Pollack, Square D senior product specialist. “The ability to cut power to a motor while not affecting the main circuit can prevent a motor from burning out and keep processes moving on a plant floor. The IEC-compliant platform of the Square D brand MD50 provides a quick and easy method for companies to standardize their electrical component specifications worldwide, because it is compatible with any manufacturer’s product conforming to the IEC 60309 standard and color coding.” The Square D brand MD50 is a pin-and-sleeve interlocked switch receptacle listed UL 508 “Suitable For Use as a Motor Disconnect,” meaning it provides a disconnect means for motors as permitted by National Electrical Code® (NEC®) 430.109(6). The Square D brand MD50 is offered in 20A, 30A, 60A and 100A units that are compatible with IEC 60309-2 plug configurations, and features a NEMA 4X enclosure, with a poured-in seamless gasket with brass rivets and stainless steel fixing screws for corrosive or washdown environments. A watertight ground hub and two grounding blocks provide both equipment and metallic system grounds for the Square D brand MD50. In addition to pre-wiring, it features moveable mounting feet for irregular surfaces, and internal mounting tubes help when mounting space is limited.
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