Squared® Model 6 Low Voltage Motor Control Center a Safer, More Intelligent Choice for Industrial Facilities


The new Square D® Model 6 Low Voltage Motor Control Center from Schneider Electric offers increased intelligence, centralized control, and maximized safety for industrial facilities, manufacturing process equipment and workers. Innovative components such as Square D Masterpact® circuit breakers and the new Square D Powerpact® electronic Motor Circuit Protector (MCP) provide interrupting and short circuit current ratings that are superior to fuses and provide better protection against arc flash incidents. These innovations result in higher reliability and increased productivity.

The Square D Model 6 Motor Control Center is perfect for pumps, blowers, fans, compressors, conveyors and variable frequency drive applications. Key markets include industrial facilities in the food/beverage and pharmaceutical industries, water/wastewater and oil/gas.

“The Model 6 Motor Control Center is designed and manufactured to address the most challenging power and process control needs,” said David Ray, Low Voltage Motor Control Center Marketing Manager. “For example, the Square D Powerpact electronic MCP delivers more reliable start-ups and virtually eliminates nuisance tripping. Its unique design ensures that motor circuit protection is optimized for the in-rush characteristics of the motor and remains fully compliant with National Electrical Code® requirements. Best of all, a facility owner can better protect workers and also accrue substantial savings by not having to purchase and store fuses.”

Increased intelligence is a critical benefit of the Model 6 Motor Control Center. Popular network protocols such as Modbus®, PROFIBUS and DeviceNet communicate directly with Model 6 Motor Control Center components, including Telemecanique® brand Altivar® AC drives, as well as Motor Logic® Plus and Motor Logic Plus II solid state overload relays.

“Networking allows for easy monitoring of critical data of each motor or load connected to the Model 6 Motor Control Center, enabling process control at all times,” Ray said. “With this information, facility personnel can respond to potential problems proactively. Real-time access to information and records of recent faults allows for simplified diagnostics and increased uptime.”

Other key features of the Model 6 Motor Control Center include:
An industry-exclusive cast metal handle that clearly indicates circuit breaker disconnect status, on/off and tripped.

A strong, durable structure that resists damage, simplifies installation and is seismically certified to the most current building codes.
Sliding horizontal bus barriers provide access to the bus compartment, making preventive maintenance quicker and easier. Using a non-conductive material enhances operator safety when performing predictive maintenance.

Captive horizontal splice bars that prevent bar loss and make connecting sections quick and easy.

A twin-handle cam mechanism that works with the unit’s hook-and-hang feature to provide proper stab alignment and allows for easy installation and removal of units.


• Standard Structure Height : 90 inches • Voltage Rating : 208 through 600 volts; 3 phase; 3 or 4 wire • Enclosure Type : NEMA Type 1, Type 1 gasketed, Type 12 and Type 3R • Horizontal Bus Rating : 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000 and 2500 amps • Horizontal Ground Bus Rating : 300 and 600 amps • Vertical Bus Rating : 300 and 600 amps • Bus Withstand Rating : 42kA, 65kA, 85kA, and 100kA • Plug-in Unit Shutters : Manual (standard) and Automatic (optional)
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