SR-Series chuck and bar Turning Centers


Hardinge introduces its all-new SR-Series, which redefine the meaning of strength and reliability, creating a new benchmark in the industry for multi-tasking turning centers utilizing a 3-jaw chuck. Well known for superior spindle design and construction, Hardinge developed the SR-Series as an extension to its broad line of turning centers, positioning it as a heavy-duty chuck and bar turning center that can be configured with many multi-tasking capabilities to machine complex small to medium sized parts complete in a single set-up. With up to 25% more torque and horsepower and 24% more speed than previous Hardinge turning centers, the all new SR–Series turning centers are true chuck and bar machines that will cut the toughest materials and handle deep interrupted cuts with ease while maintaining overall part accuracy. The SR 150, 200 and soon to be released 250 all feature superior vibration damping accomplished through the use of heavy-duty linear roller guides mounted to a HARCRETE-reinforced cast iron base. This platform allows the user to tackle the toughest work virtually vibration free while reducing expenditure on today’s high-performance tooling by as much as 33%. Whether it’s heavy-metal removal in low-volume or in high-volume production, the new SR-Series will afford the user the confidence to get jobs done for less! According to Jeff Ervay, Hardinge North American turning product manager, “the range of SR-Series ‘chuck and bar models’ offers a precision machine to a whole new audience for Hardinge, having best-in-class torque and horsepower that makes these machines really stand out in their category. The SR machines allow unmanned operation, high through-put, and ‘done in one’ capability in a high production or job shop environment…plus the ability to perform these operations on hardened material.” Displayed as a prototype at IMTS ’06, the 1st ever production version SR-Series machines will be introduced in Machinery Sales’ booth 3316 at the WESTEC 2007 Exposition & Conference in Los Angeles, CA, March 26 - March 29, 2007. Key attributes of the Hardinge SR-Series machines include: Hardinge/GE Fanuc i-Series SR control unit with high-speed milling capability and multi-axis functionality Fanuc Manual Guide i conversational programming system Robust spindle horsepower (up to 30 hp) and torque (up to 270 ft-lb) combination Hard Turning and Hard Milling capability Harcrete® reinforced cast iron base for superior damping, improved tool life “hard turning” capability up to 90 Rc Exclusive Eppinger top plate option designed for high accuracy, zero clearance tool location, repeatability and robust live tooling system Many ergonomic improvements


• Maximum Speed — 4000-rpm Maximum Power Rating — 30-hp (26-kW) Torque at Base Speed (505 rpm) — 306ft-lb (414.8Nm) Spindle Nose — A2-8
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