ST420 Shaft Speed Sensor


The ST420 is a loop-powered shaft speed sensor that detects magnetic pulses from a rotating pulser disc or wrap and outputs a 4-20mA analog signal directly proportional to the pulse frequency (rotating shaft speed). The ST420 is simple to install and use - it comes pre-calibrated right out of the box and is housed in a compact, rugged NEMA 4X rated stainless steel M18x1 body. Ideal for use in almost any industrial shaft speed monitoring application such as fans, turbines, centrifuges, pumps, conveyors, blowers, hammermills, crushers, and much more.

  • 2-wire loop-powered 4-20mA analog shaft speed sensor
  • Accurate quartz crystal based digital processing
  • No end-user calibration - works right out of the box
  • Standard and custom measurement ranges available
  • Simple and straightforward installation
  • Outputs 4-20mA signal directly proportional to shaft speed
  • Intrinsically safe design
  • Stainless Steel M18x1 housing, NEMA 4X/IP67


• SensorGap - 1/4”±1/8” • Vin (min max) - 8-30 Vdc(nominal loop power: 24 Vdc) • Operating Temp - -20°C+85°C(-4°F185°F) • OutputResponse Time - < 9mS • ColorCode - Brown (V+) Black(V-) • Length - 10 feet
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