Stainless Steel Compression Latches


DIRAK has extended its product offering to include two new quarter-turn latches which offer compression in a low-profile design.  Stainless steel compression latches, 7-078 fixed cam latch and 7-079 adjustable cam latch, are ideal for any indoor or outdoor application that requires compression for environmental sealing, reduction of noise and/or rattling due to vibration and low protrusion.  Potential market applications include, but are not limited to:  Telecommunications Enclosures; Computer Enclosures; Industrial Machinery; Off-Highway Vehicles and Farm Equipment; Alternative Energy/Power Enclosures; Medical Equipment; Transportation; Food Equipment (non-food zone applications).

Product Advantages:
  •  The door is locked and secured with a 180° turn. The first 90° turn
            secures the door closed. The second 90° turn compresses the gasket.

          • Colored locked and unlocked indicators on the face of the latches allow
            the operator to clearly see the lock status.

          • Both latches offer up to 6mm of compression.

          • Both latches can be used with variable door thicknesses of 0.8mm to

          • Provides flexibility of the H dimension based on application needs. The
            7-078 can accommodate different H dimensions by ordering different
            cams. The 7-079 can also accommodate different H dimensions by using

            the adjustment nuts located on the threaded shaft.

         • Both latches are water and dust-tight according to IP 65 and DIN EN

          • Interior protrusion of the 7-078 and 7-079 latches in an uncompressed
            position is 48mm and 69mm respectively.

          • Left and right hand versions are available.


  • compression in a low-profile design
  • reduction of noise and/or rattling
  • up to 6mm of compression
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