Stainless Steel Electric Acutators Serve Food/Beverage Industry Apps


All stainless-steel ERD electric rod-style actuators are designed with the most stringent food and beverage applications in mind.  The smooth stainless steel body design and choice of Viton® seals makes the ERD an ideal solution in caustic cleaning environments where contamination is simply not acceptable.  Made of all-304 stainless steel, including an optional protective motor enclosure, Tolomatic ERD actuators are rated IP67 for washdown and are available in multiple screw technologies. Like the entire Tolomatic product line, the stainless steel ERD actuators are catalog items and can be built to order and shipped within five working days.

“Most stainless steel actuators available to the food and beverage industry tend to be custom orders,” says Aaron Dietrich, electric products manager, Tolomatic. “Custom orders take more time to make and typically cost more. By making the new ERD SS2 a catalog product family, we’ve been able to speed up delivery, lower costs, and make integration easier and more trouble free.”

The stainless steel ERDs are available as two main ordering options.  The SS2 option is available in two sizes with protective motor enclosure and a variety of cabling options.  The SS2 option offers a choice of electrical connections that include either cord grips or industry-standard conduit threads. The SS1 is available in three sizes and is, essentially, a stainless steel version of the base ERD. The ERD with the IP67 option features Viton® seals for protection in caustic washdown environments.

The ERD is available in stroke lengths of up to 12 inches. Depending on the choice of ball nut or solid nut, the ERD delivers up to 200 pounds of thrust or speeds up to 40 inches per second using Tolomatic’s NEMA23 stepper motor. Solid nuts made of engineered resins offer quiet performance at a lower cost. Ball nuts offer positioning accuracy and repeatability with longer life.


  • stainless steel body design and choice of Viton® seals
  • ideal in caustic cleaning environments
  • can be built to order and shipped within five working days
  • stroke lengths of up to 12 inches
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