A high-performance submersible pump designed for corrosive liquid pumping has been introduced by ITT Flygt Corp., Trumbull, CT. Designated as model BS-2750, the slim design pump is made entirely of stainless steel and is engineered to handle corrosive liquids with a pH range of 2-10. Ideal applications include mines and quarries, and the steel and power, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and chemical industries. The pump is also suitable for any other pumping job where the pH is low or unpredictable. Because of its slim design (11-inch diameter), the BS-2750 can be used for active dewatering in tight spaces. The pump is available in 230/460/575 V three-phase versions, and is rated at 13 HP. The high-head BS-2750 develops up to 245 feet of head, delivering up to 300 GPM of liquid, while the standard version pumps up to 980 GPM. The BS-2750 has a standard 4” NPT discharge, while the high-head version is equipped with a 3” NPT discharge. The pump is supplied with a 33 ft. power cable. The pump features two independent silicon carbide mechanical seals running in FDA approved non-toxic lubricant. A class F insulated motor, operating in air, is safer, more efficient, and easier to service than oil-filled motors. The motor can deliver up to 15 starts per hour, and has built-in thermal sensors for overload protection.
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