Stainless Steel Switches From EAO Are Best for Harsh Environments


A range of extremely durable stainless steel switches for use in harsh environments is now available from EAO, the Experts in Human Machine Interfaces.

These stainless steel switches offer protection against water, dirt, chemicals, heat, shock and impact. This ultimately makes these products ideal for operating equipment in polluted factories and hazardous environments. Within these applications, spills and damage are common, equipment can be chemically washed and vandalism may occur in unattended locations.

EAO offers stainless steel pushbuttons switches and indicators in the popular 22.5mm and 30.5mm size. If space is an issue, EAO also offers a stainless steel switch with a low behind-panel depth.

EAO can supply stainless steel switches with LED illumination for use in poor lighting conditions. They can also be laser engraved with specific symbols and legends that will not wear off or corrode.

Other options include self-cleaning, snap-action switching elements with gold-plated silver contacts, or for particularly aggressive environments, certain switches may be specified with silver/palladium contacts.

Stainless steel switches require less maintenance, ultimately offering more long-term, lifecycle-to-cost benefits. Stainless steel switch lenses are priced at $3.338 per unit in small quantities.


• Front size 29 mm dia. 30 x 30 mm 35 mm dia. 35 x 35 mm 37 mm dia. 38 mm dia. 40 mm dia. • Front protection IP 40 IP 54 IP 65 IP 67 • Mounting hole size 22.5 mm dia. 30 x 30 mm 30.5 mm dia. 33 mm dia. 33.5 mm dia. • Switching System Slow-make switching element • Snap-action switching element • Switch rating 250 VAC, 10 A 500 VAC, 10 A • Illumination Filament lamp LED
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