Stainless Steel Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor


The Robotic Accessories Leader, has announced the release of its newest model of the Ultimatic™ Mechanical Collision Sensor – the Stainless Steel Ultimatic™. The new stainless steel construction is designed for applications that need to meet hygienic standards, as in medical or food processing environments, or require corrosion resistance, as in caustic environments.

RAD’s Stainless Steel Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor is designed to provide crash protection and safety by mechanically detecting when the system has encountered an obstruction, absorbing the crash energy (without releasing compressed air into the environment), and quickly sending a signal to stop the robot* in order to prevent costly damage to the machinery and/or tooling. The Stainless Ultimatic™ Collision Sensor offers corrosion resistance, angular, rotational, and axial compliance, and adjustable switch sensitivity as well as all the other features and benefits of RAD’s original Ultimatic™. All RAD Ultimatic™ Collision Sensors automatically reset to within ± 0.0005” – the best repeatability in the market.

*RAD Ultimatic™ Collision Sensors can be used on robot arms, linear actuators, or pick & place machines.


• Moment Resistance - 15-62 in-lb • Torque Resistance - 12-66 in-lb • Force Resistance - 18-91 lbf • Angular Compliance - + 8 deg • Rotary Compliance - + 24 deg • Axial Compression - 0.18 in • Repeatability x, y, & z - + 0.0005 in • Repeatability about z-axis - + 0.017 deg
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