Stainless Steel Vertical Immersion Pumps


Tom Ruthman, president of Ruthman Companies announces the Stainless Steel Immersion Pumps to the Gusher Pumps family of pumps.
The Stainless Steel Vertical Immersion Pumps are perfect for conveying cooling liquids, lubricating liquids, condensed water, machine tool coolant, and industrial cleaning solvents, or any application where immersed pumps are suitable.

Gusher Pumps Vertical Stainless Steel Immersion Pumps have a number of applications: CNC lathe coolants, processing centers, heat exchangers, industrial cleaning equipment, reverse osmosis, filtering, golf courses, agriculture, high rise buildings, pools, and car washes.

Operating Conditions are thin sphere size, clean non-explosive liquid without solid grains and fibers. Can be used for conveying of water, cooling water solutions and cutting fluids.
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