Stand-alone RFID Read Head


Pepperl+Fuchs introduces RFID Read Head IQT-F116-R4M-V1.  These RFID read heads conform to the popular and open 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 standard. As a result, they promote simplified operation and enhanced productivity in stand-alone or multi-drop applications.  In multi-drop applications users can connect up to 30 RFID read heads together on a single network and bring the data back to a PC or PLC. 

These RFID read heads provide a read/write range up to 130 mm.  They feature 2-wire RS485 connectivity and 200 mm M12 pigtail connectors to facilitate easy connection and removal.  A continuous read option is available for point-to-point applications, and a low profile design makes the IQT series ideal for use on AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), or for mounting under shallow conveyor sections where conventional RFID heads are too large. 


  • simplified operation
  • read/write range up to 130 mm
  • 2-wire RS485 connectivity
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