Stand-alone USB data loggers


Lascar Electronics has extended its range of stand-alone USB data loggers with the introduction of the EL-USB-TC thermocouple data logger. Capable of accepting input from a J, K or T-Type thermocouple via a mini-thermocouple connector at the base of the unit, the EL-USB-TC can measure temperatures from -328°F to +2372° F / -200° to 1300° C depending on the type of sensor used. Each logger is supplied with free configuration software, a K-type probe and a 1/2AA lithium battery. Once the software is loaded on the host PC, plug the EL-USB-TC logger directly into the USB port to configure it. Choices include naming the unit, selecting the type of thermocouple being used, choosing a sample rate, setting high and low alarms and finally determining when the unit needs to start logging – immediately or a delayed start. The EL-USB-TC can store up to 32,000 readings. Once logging is complete, plug the data logger back into the USB port to download all readings. Data is saved in .txt format and viewed via Lascar’s software in graph form. It can also be exported to Excel for more detailed anaylsis.


• Specification • Probe Measurement range • Unit K-type • J-type • T-type • Min. • -200 (-328) • -200 (-328) • -200 (-328) • Typ. • Max. • +1350 (+2462 • Resolution (internal and displayed) • 0.5 (1)
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