Static Discharge Reels


BURNDY  introduces the BSD series of Static Discharge Reels. Often used to dissipate static charge buildup developed while filling or dispensing fuel or other combustible liquids from fuel trucks or railcars, these reels are applicable in any area where static discharge creates a potential hazard.
BURNDY® offers the three most common static discharge reels found in the market. Heavy duty, with 50’ lengths and supplied with a 100 amp universal jaw-type grounding clamp. All these adjustable tension reels also come standard with spring rewind, centrifugal brake and are proudly Made in the USA. Available in three styles: standard 3/32” steel aircraft cable; clear nylon coated steel cable; and a ‘Y’ version which has 2 grounding clamps.


  • 50’ lengths
  • 100 amp universal jaw-type grounding clamp
  • available in three styles
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