Static Dissipative Unit


An updated version of the Newson Gale Earth-Rite® static electricity monitoring system provides an enhanced margin of safety when Type C FIBC’s or similar static dissipative containers are used to transfer bulk powdered and other solid materials in hazardous area applications. The system consists of an enclosed intrinsically safe power supply and an electronic monitor. It continuously verifies the existence of a low-resistance path between the container’s static dissipative or conductive fibers and a known grounding point, typically through a mechanical grounding clamp affixed to a flexible tab. 

This new Earth-Rite monitoring system provides protection against an uncontrolled static discharge in a variety of hazardous atmospheres including combustible gas or dust, or an especially dangerous hybrid atmosphere comprised of both dust and solvent vapors. In operation, as long as safe operating conditions are confirmed the system displays a pulsing green multi-LED display indicating that the transfer can proceed. The system also includes a pair of DPDT control contacts which can be interlocked with the process controls to sound audible alarms or prevent the transfer from proceeding until a safe condition exists. 

The system is certified for safe use in hazardous areas to all major worldwide approvals and can be installed in accordance with North American NEC Class/Division practices or IECEX/ATEX Zoning requirements. Features include a choice of use with static dissipative polyester for Class I and II, Division 2 installations, or cast aluminum for class I & II Division 1 installations. Units are suitable for all Gas/Vapor Groups A,B,C,D and E,F,G for dust. The system is simple and economical to install and to operate, and is supplied with a special stainless steel grounding clamp assembly, purposely designed for clamping onto flexible/fabric static dissipative materials. The main controller and indication unit is housed inside an IP66/NEMA 4X enclosure and is available with universal AC (110/120 – 220/240V) or DC (12 – 24V) power supply options.


  • intrinsically safe power supply
  • electronic monitor
  • pulsing green multi-LED display

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