Steinmeyer Custom Ball Screws


To complement its extensive product range of precision ball screws manufactured to DIN standards, Steinmeyer, Inc. offers ground and rolled thread ball screws in custom styles to match existing designs. Shaft diameters range from an incredibly tiny 3 mm up to 125 mm, with a wide variety of available pitches. All custom ball screws can be configured with choice of nut style including single, pitch-shift and double nut executions. Our single nuts can be provided either preloaded, using ball oversize, or with some play. To produce the most compact nut design, Steinmeyer exclusively uses internal ball recirculation instead of tubes. Ball deflectors, manufactured from brass, steel or plastic in a special, computer controlled milling process, provide smooth motion and less wear on balls than external tube systems. The balls follow a CAD designed arc when crossing the screw’s major diameter to enter the next thread groove, and are held in close contact with the screw surface.

The extreme low profile of our ball return inserts allows nuts to be designed with small body diameters. This enables the use of larger screw nominal diameters, while maintaining the same nut outer diameter, compared with conventional tube return nuts – offering a significant advantage in system stiffness. Custom ball screws may also include designs utilizing rotating ball nuts – which are ideally suited for Steinmeyer products since our ball nuts are inherently mass balanced - that is the ball deflectors are symmetrically located around the nut body.
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