Step-Motor Control


Whether you are working with step motors or servo drives, precision and accuracy are necessities in any motion control system. Unitronics has made the speed and accuracy of Step-motor control more efficient and easier to use than ever before. New Pulse Train Output functionalities of the Vision350™ and Vision130™ series all-in-one controllers now support high-speed inputs up to 200kHz and high-speed outputs from 5Hz to 200kHz. It has never been easier to output your exact position using Unitronics Controllers.

What makes Unitronics PTO capabilities unique?
Incorporating all the advantages of a fully functional PLC and integrated operator interface, the new PTO models now enable the user to implement up to 3 independent PTO instruction sets at one time as well as create and save multiple speed profiles for precise Step-motor control. Now able to provide even more flexibility when configuring a system’s specific requirements, the new high-speed I/Os offer particular benefits to the motion industry, or wherever speed control is required.

 What are the advantages of using Unitronics PTO? Users no longer have to manually calculate the output for each instruction; the new models have the ability to pre-calculate the ratio between the length and the number of pulses within the unit itself. Another user advantage of the new PTO function is “Jerk control”, or the “intensity” of the acceleration curve. It can go from a trapezoid, to a smooth “S” curve in just 16 steps. Users can also control movement in “absolute” or “relative” positions, and control each axis independently. The new PTO control functions are open-loop functions that do not rely on positional feedback, increasing the speed and accuracy of the application.

Not only do the new Vision130™ and Vision350™ models give users the PTO advantage, but their core capabilities include a rich range of embedded features such as multiple auto-tuned PID loops, internal 120K datatable for datalogging and recipe programming, and SD card. Communication options include TCP/IP Ethernet, GSM/SMS, MODBUS and CANopen networking plus remote access for data acquisition and program download. The Vision350™ supports up to 512 I/Os via on board and I/O expansion modules, while the Vision130™ model supports 256 I/O points. The Vision350™’s 3.5”, 65K color touchscreen can show over 1000 displays, with 6MB for images and fonts, while the Vision130™ model supports a graphical screen and keypad. Both units can also display graphs according to historical values- to reflect trends of recorded data.

This new and enhanced combination of features enables engineers and systems integrators to benefit from a powerful upgraded PLC and HMI within a bare minimum of budget, cabinet space, and wiring.


  • implement up to 3 independent PTO instruction sets
  • Pulse Train Output functionalities
  • easy to output your exact position
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