Stepper Drive/Controller


Getting electric actuators up and running has never been this easy, thanks to the new ACS Stepper Drive/Controller from Tolomatic. The new actuator control solution (ACS) is an easy-to-use, low-cost stepper drive and controller developed specifically for use with electric actuators.With built-in configurations for the ERD, Tolomatic’s low cost rod-style electric actuator, linear motion is quickly and easily created in the desired linear units(mm or inch).

Originally designed as an affordable replacement for pneumatic cylinders, the ERD family of actuators has become a very economical actuator solution for applications such as product changeovers, pick-and-place, sorting and diverting, heat-staking and more.

The ACS is capable of 4, 8, or 16 move command modes (absolute, incremental or jog) for infinite position capability. This array of command modes is flexible enough for a wide variety of single-axis actuator solutions. It also has adjustable motion profile parameters (position, velocity, acceleration/deceleration, force) that are independently configurable for each move. For energy savings, it has the ability to reduce holding current when not in motion.  The ACS is capable of zone output based on the actuator position and it has a force-limiting capacity. The digital I/O is configurable in either 24 VDC Opto-Isolated, NPN or PNP, and the drive/controller is compatible with most brands of 24 VDC stepper motors.


  • specifically for use with electric actuators
  • capable of 4, 8, or 16 move command modes
  • adjustable motion profile parameters
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