Stepper Solutions Catalog


Kollmorgen’s new Stepper Solutions Catalog details the features, benefits and specifications of Kollmorgen’s complete range of stepper motors and stepper drives, AC synchronous motors, XTRUE™ planetary gearheads and Optimized Solutions that result in rapid prototyping, shorter design cycles and getting machines to market faster.  Kollmorgen’s stepper motors are designed with versatility, ease–of–use, and cost-effectiveness in mind.  They provide high torque in a small package and come in a wide range of standard sizes, constructions, windings and options to suit a wide variety of application needs.  

These high-performance brushless, maintenance-free stepper motors provide very precise, extremely cost-effective motion control.  They are two phase motors that inherently move in small, very precise, 1.8° increments (200 steps/ revolution) - stepping action that is simple to control and does not require complicated, expensive feedback devices.  Kollmorgen stepper motors are available with custom leads, shafts and connectors are routinely provided to effectively solve diverse application needs. Several models feature Kollmorgen’s innovative SIGMAX® technology for higher torque and acceleration rates. 

Kollmorgen’s stepper drives and controls are available in full, half, and micro-stepping models in both modular and packaged designs, and are designed with versatility, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness in mind.  Modular drives are open-frame units or have small enclosures, and require an external DC power source, and are generally used where the drive will become an integral part of the user’s system or in multi-axis systems utilizing a common power supply.  Stand-alone drives that operate directly from an AC power source and that are packaged in a full enclosure are also available.

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