Leading linear motion control systems and components manufacturer Nook Industries (Cleveland, OH) has introduced its Series 500™ programmable linear actuator that offers an expanded range of performance in generating higher loads, longer life, increased duty cycles, higher speed and programmability. Developed by Nook’s Precision Actuator Group, the series offers versatility, precision and control for a broad range of market applications (including military, packaging and automotive). Notably, the new Series 500 offers an optional external Linear Position Sensor (LPS) that provides intelligent, programmable positioning and verification feedback for both parallel and higher speed in-line configurations. Load capacities range up to 550 lbs. for in-line configurations with parallel configurations ranging up to 1,000 lbs. and offering stroke lengths ranging from 2”-to-24” (with custom lengths available upon request).The Series 500 actuator is designed to be configured with stepper or servo motors and controls- supplied either as a complete system (including motors and controls); or simply with just a motor. Ball screw driven designs are available for continuous high-speed, high-cycle rate applications and can operate at speeds up to 25 inches per second. Acme screw driven designs are available for low duty cycle applications where self-locking is desired to hold the load without the use of a brake or loss of power.LINEAR POSITION SENSOR:Nook’s Series 500 is designed with T-Slot extrusions to accommodate adjustable limit switches and the optional external Linear Position Sensor. The LPS is a non-contact/no-wear sensor with a small package size that requires a short operating space-half the space needed compared to LVDTs or rod and cylinder pots. Fitting where no other sensors typically can, it still offers all the benefits of magnetostrictive sensing.
According to Nook Industries’ CEO, Christopher Nook, “Whereas normal applications only require theoretical positioning, the Series 500 LPS option provides a defined linear positioning lock for advanced accuracy and programmable control.”Additional LPS benefits include: Easy Interfacing: Choice of analog or self-interrogating PWM signals. Low Power Needs: Allows use with printed circuit-level supplies of +5 Vdc. No Drift: No periodic re-calibration needed. Optional Supply Voltages: Allows use in +12 Vdc Systems Customizable Reading Direction: Forward or reverse acting analog output allows match to control requirements.CONTROL SPECIFICATIONS / OPTIONS:Nook’s Series 500 actuator offers the following controls complete with I/O, indexer and driveStepper Controller: Capable of full, half-step or micro-stepping. 10 foot motor power cable included.Servo Controller: Amplifier and controller in one package. 10 foot motor power cable and feed-back cables included.Comprehensive options are also available for the following: mounting styles, rod ends, brakes, protective bellows, stroke lengths, and linear encoder contained inside the actuator.Nook’s Series 500 actuator also meets the IP65 (Ingress Protection) environmental rating for products which can guarantee resistance against dust and water.
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