Sticker, Tape and Label Remover Has Multiple Helpful Manufacturing Plant Applications


Production workers, and maintenance and shipping departments are adding un-du® to their arsenal of helpful tools to save time and money. That’s because this amazing product safely removes all self-sticking and pressure sensitive tapes, labels and adhesives fast and on contact. Now remove stickers, tapes, labels, and even duct tape without leaving behind residue, grease and gooey mess. Safe to use on packaging, walls, equipment and other surfaces including paper products, un-du does the job without leaving a stain or destroying anything. It can be used on most office surfaces without the use of knives, scissors, fingernails or other sharp removal instruments.
            The “all-in-one” patented removal system neutralizes adhesives to allow removal and also provides the additional benefit of allowing the removed materials to be reapplied or re-used again and again.
            un-du® is acid free (Archival safe) and won’t harm expensive products, packaging or painted walls. It is also safe to use on glass, plastic, fiberglass, finished leather, hot melt glue, window decals and vinyl lettering.
            un-du® is also ideal to use to remove ordinary stains, candle wax, tar, goo, gum tree sap, finger print oils, crayons and scuff marks.
            Now available in California with VOC compliant formulation, un-du® original and un-du® VOC compliant come in 4 ounce bottles with handy dispensing closure and attached scraper.
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