Stoody Nickel Flux Cored Wires


St. Louis, MO (July 18, 2006) -- Nickel flux cored wires by Stoody feature excellent welder appeal and arc stability even when welding in the vertical “up” position. Customers have reported significant cost savings over conventional SMAW welding in the vertical position. Stoody A-T1, 625-T1, 82-T1, 182-T1, 622-T1, 276T-1 and HX-T1 flux cored wires meet the chemistry requirements of AWS EniCrFe-2, ERNiCrMo-3, ERNiCr-3, ENiCrFe-3, EnNiCrMo-2, ENiCrMo-3 N and ENiCrMo-10.

The operational characteristics of these nickel wires make them suitable for various similar and dissimilar joining applications, as well as many cladding applications. Product has been specified in the fabrication of LNG storage facilities as well as in the fabrication of scrubbers in power plants.

Stoody is a global leader in the design and manufacture of hardfacing and joining welding electrodes used to combat various types of wear and corrosion. Its extensive family of products includes iron, nickel, cobalt, tungsten and vanadium based alloys. Some of the major industries Stoody serves are power generation, mining, construction, railroad, steel, foundry, oil and gas production and exploration as well as the pulp and paper industry.
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