Strain Relief and Standard Cable Routing


Highwood Special Products announces the introduction of two new product lines in icotek’s KEL-DPZ product series.   KEL-DPZ entry plates are designed to route and seal standard cables (from 3.2mm – 22mm in diameter) in limited space.  Simply push standard cables through the thin membrane and it’s immediately sealed (IP65) and strain relieved.

The DPZ series consists of four different product lines.  The new DPZ-E series is a space-saving solution that allows 23 cables to be routed in an area of only 109 X 15mm, or alternately the DPZ-B series routes 25 cables through a 44 x 44mm area.  These two product lines are additions to the already popular DPZ-24 series that provides strain-relief and cable routing through a standard 24-pin cut-out and the DPZ round cable plates threaded to fit standard metric cut-outs from M32 to M63.

The frames are made of polyamide. The sealing plates are made of halogen-free and silicone-free elastomer.


  • route and seal standard cables
  • allows 23 cables to be routed
  • frames are made of polyamide
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