Strain Sensors


June 26, 2006, Depew, NY, USA – Series M240 ICP® Strain Sensors from the Force/Torque Division of PCB® Piezotronics, Inc., use piezoelectric sensing elements to indirectly measure dynamic and quasi-static forces on machinery structures. ICP® Strain Sensors feature high rigidity and have no moving parts inside them, thus are not susceptible to fatigue or sensitivity changes over millions of cycles. They are ideal for industrial process control and product quality assurance applications that require the measurement of repetitive cycles. In typical applications, upper and lower control limits are set to follow a desired force curve for the process, and if the actual force curve deviates from the control limits, the process is shut down. This prevents acceptance of non-conforming parts as finished goods.

Applications include clinching, crimping, metal forming, plastic injection molding, pressing, punching, spot welding, stamping, and automatic assembly operations. Series M240 ICP® Strain Sensors are easy to install, and can be powered by any ICP® sensor signal conditioner. Optional JM240 ground isolated version available for resistance spot welding machines.

PCB and ICP are registered trademarks of PCB Group, Inc.


• Sensitivity (± 20%) - 10 mV/µε • Measurement Range - 300 pk µε • Low Frequency Range (-5%) - 0.004 Hz • Broadband Resolution (1 to 10,000 Hz) - 0.001 µε • Temperature Range (Operating) - -65 to +250 °F (-54 to +121 °C) • Output Bias Voltage - 8 to 14 VDC • Discharge Time Constant - ≥ 150 sec Sensing Element – Quartz • Housing Material - Stainless Steel • Electrical Connector - 10-32 Coaxial Jack • 10-32 Coaxial Jack – Epoxy • Mounting Torque - 7.38 ft-lb (10 N-m) • Size (Width x Length x Height) - 0.67 x 1.81 x 0.6 in (17 x 46 x 15.2 mm)
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