Stretchable Tape Load Containment System


The two-part system features Scotch® Stretchable Tape and the 3M™ Stretchable Tape Wrapper ST1000, a semi-automatic pallet wrapping device that ensures consistent, optimized tape stretch ratio and pattern. Tape is automatically stretched and wrapped in the selected pattern, even going around the bottom of the pallet when necessary to prevent lateral shifting of the load. Stretching the tape changes the molecular structure of this unique 3M tape so that strength increases, reaching 40 pounds per inch tensile strength at 650% stretch.

Having elastic memory, Scotch Stretchable Tape contracts to tighten the load but not crush the cartons. It also loses adhesion after stretching so that it will be less likely to damage graphics or printing on labels.

This system saves material cost and storage space compared to stretch film, and at the receiving end there is up to 95% waste reduction. When the load arrives, removal starts with a simple, quick cut. Then tape is gathered up as it slips from the load.

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