Structural Adhesives and NVH Selector Guide


Henkel Corporation hasintroduced its new Loctite® Structural Adhesives and NVH Selector Guide.This 30-page brochure is designed to educate readers about theperformance of structural adhesives in demanding, high-stressapplications, and to communicate their ability to reduce noise, vibrationand harshness. Engineered to eliminate or greatly reduce fasteners andwelds from an assembly, structural adhesives provide superior bondstrength, long life and dependability in a variety of bondingapplications involving metals, plastics, composites, magnets anddissimilar surfaces or substrates.The brochure is divided into three sections: considerations for selectinga structural adhesive; chemistries and products, and a review ofdispensing equipment. 

The Guide provides an in-depth tutorial on adhesivejoint design for stress reduction and presents a performance and processoverview in table format of the four main structural bondingtechnologies: epoxies, urethanes, two-part acrylics and two-stepacrylics. For each technology, the Selector Guide leads the readerthrough a question and answer process to determine the appropriateproduct for their application.The section on NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) offers an overview ofadhesives for acoustic, seam sealing and bonding applications, focusingprimarily on the agricultural, construction, specialty vehicle andappliance markets. This information details Henkel's Acoustics Lab andEngineering Services and reviews two-step acrylic adhesives for difficultor challenging applications addressing NVH issues. The brochure alsoincludes a two-page chart identifying dispensing applicators and nozzlesspecifically designed for use with structural adhesive technologies.