Sub-Minature 16mm DC Gear Motor


Nidec Copal USA Corp. of Torrance, CA has developed the MG16 series of sub-miniature brush DC motors with special higher torque metal planetary gear boxes. This RoHS compliant 16mm (0.63”) OD gear motor family is offered in 8 models. Available gear ratios include 60:1, 120:1, 240:1 and 500:1 with 2 excitation voltage levels, 6 vdc and 12 vdc.

Performance ranges from 4.86 oz-in (34.3 mNm) rated torque at 164 rpm and 22.6 oz-in (160 mNm) starting torque for the Nidec Copal model MG16-060AA (6 volts) with a 60:1 ratio to 28 oz-in (196 mNm) rated torque at 21 rpm and 146 oz-in (1031 mNm) starting torque for the Nidec-Copal model MG16-500AB (12 volts) with a 500:1 ratio. Maximum gear motor weight for the higher torque 500:1 gear ratio is 1.24 oz (35 gms).

These powerful sub-miniature DC gear motors operate over a 0°C to 50°C ambient temperature range. An optional encoder is available for higher performance applications.
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