Subminiature Pressure Regulators


The Precision Controls Division (PCD) of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has announced the global market introduction of the Type 92, a compact, low-cost, single control unit subminiature pneumatic pressure regulator.  The Type 92 is designed to provide high-reliability, high-accuracy monitoring within space constrained low flow or dead end service applications, such as those common to medical and dental equipment, as well as packaging and commercial printing machinery and equipment.  

Available in five unique ranges from 0 to 100 psig (0 to 3.5 BAR) with a maximum supply pressure of 150 psig (10.3 BAR), the new Marsh Bellofram Type 92 features the patented Bellofram rolling diaphragm design, housed within a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum body and bonnet, with 1/16 NPT side and bottom ports. Units are self-relieving, with minimal effects of supply pressure variation on output pressure (less than 0.5 psi or 35.5 BAR).  

While most other industry subminiature air pressure regulators utilize a flat diaphragm, which can lead to excessive droop and low stability within such a compact footprint, the Marsh Bellofram Type 92 incorporates the use of a larger diameter fluorocarbon-based, true rolling diaphragm design, allowing for a much more sensitive regulator with excellent stability and significantly less droop. These highly compact units measure just 1.19 X 1.19 X 3.55 in. (30.2 X 30.2 X 90.2 mm), and have a total weight of just 2.8 oz. (0.08 kg).  They may be either pipe- or panel-mounted and are available in both standard and low-bleed versions.   


  • five unique ranges
  • rolling diaphragm design
  • 1/16 NPT side and bottom ports

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