Subminiature Snap-Action Switch Features Longest Overtravel on the Market in Fully Sealed Package


Crouzet North America, a division of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), has introduced the new V5 Sealed (V5S) snap-action switch in response to market demand for increased miniaturization in switch-readiness indication.  The device’s innovative design incorporates the longest available overtravel on the market, sub-miniature size, customized mounting options and cost effective pricing in an IP67 fully sealed package.  Providing an excellent new solution for space critical applications, the V5S is targeted for passenger car, valve operation, medical, RV dish network alignment positioning, and other industrial applications.
        The V5S single break, changeover switch features 2mm of plunger overtravel versus the typical 1.2mm overtravel in competitive models, offering design engineers expanded tolerance flexibility and simplified subassembly design integration. High performance versatility is provided with its ability to actuate in multi-directional angles up to 45°.  This capability eliminates the need for extra levers or arms and reduces component costs and the overall footprint.
        “The V5S is truly unique,” says Tracy Nuttall, Crouzet North America Business Development Manager.  “Its capability for longer overtravel without any damage to the switch is unlike any other product on the market.  Typically, longer overtravel can potentially damage the switch – with the V5S, this problem is eliminated.”
        Offered in a subminiature package, the V5S measures only 14.7mm x 5.4mm x 7.5mm (LxWxH).  Key to the unit’s compact design is the packaging of all SMT components inside the switch housing.  The enclosure is completely sealed and IP67 protection rated, making it an ideal component for wet environments.  Other outstanding characteristics include current ratings from 1 mA (5V) to 2A (14V), an operating temperature range of -40 to +90°C (-40 to 194°F), and high reliability ensured by a mechanical rating of 1 million cycles. 
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