Sunlight Readable Industrial Touch Monitor


Nematron Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the M1500SRT Sunlight Readable Industrial Touch Monitor. The M1500SRT outshines standard CCFL flat panel monitor technology by greatly improving display visibility/readability in brightly or dimly lit outdoor environments. With an enhanced 15.0” 1500-Nit (minimum) LED-backlit LCD display, the M1500SRT does just what it says - delivers graphics and text in easy-to-view quality under direct sunlight conditions. The M1500SRT design was based off the same engineering specs as the M1500T Flat Panel Industrial Monitor that was first introduced in 2007. Nematron further enhances their industrial-strength offerings by providing the M1500SRT with UL Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations approvals to ANSI 12.12.01-2012. 

The M1500SRT monitor is NEMA 4/4X/12 & IP66 tested and rated. When panel mounted in a Type 1, 4, 4X or 12 enclosure, the powder-coated, aluminum or stainless steel front panel will withstand the harshest outdoor applications. Coupled with a solid, steel-framed chassis, a well-ventilated design, and a heavy-duty power supply (AC or Isolated 24VDC), the M1500SRT is ideal for harsh conditions requiring world-class, industrial ruggedness. The M1500SRT embodies all the quality and reliability that Nematron products are known for. Many outdoor industrial applications such as oil rigs, pipelines, and drilling equipment require certifications on electrical equipment to be rated for use in extreme conditions and perform safely in these environments. In August 2013, the M1500SRT received a UL-approved operating temperature rating of 55°C (133°F), meeting the U.S. Federal Requirements specified in 46 CFR 111.01-15(d) for offshore electrical systems. “We are proud of the M1500SRT, many hours of thought and preparations were put into its design,” explains Greg Chandler, President of Nematron Corporation.  “The need for improved visibility in an industrial monitor was an issue that we wanted to address and we believe the M1500SRT Sunlight Readable Monitor is a great solution for many outdoor applications,” continues Chandler. 

The M1500SRT was designed with the operator in mind by providing features that allow adjustments to be made effortlessly. The auto-sensor feature automatically adjusts the display brightness according to conditions - reducing eye strain, especially in dimly lit conditions. Toggle buttons on the front make it convenient for the operator to easily adjust display brightness up or down. In addition, the ultra-clear analog resistive touchscreen allows the use of gloved hands and alleviates pooled water concerns that capacitive touchscreens struggle with in many outdoor conditions, such as during rain exposure.


  • easy-to-view quality
  • auto-sensor feature
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