New SensGard® SG31 combines a noise reduction rating of 31 decibels with low cost, light weight and comfort. SG31 is ideal for use in extreme noise environments, including manufacturing plants, construction sites, airfields, power and utility plants and other extreme noise environments.

SG31 incorporates patented ZEM technology that uses the mechanical energy of sound waves instead of electronics to minimize sound before it reaches the ears. The devices offer many benefits over ear muffs, ear plugs and ear bands:

•    SG31 provides superior, consistent protection without distortion across all frequencies. The wearer is fully protected from harmful noise but can still discern speech and other important ambient sounds.
•    SG31 costs significantly less than ear muffs and are much more cost effective in day-to-day use than ear plugs.
•    Glasses and safety goggles will not compromise the product fit or performance.

•    SG31 weighs less than 2 ounces and is comfortable to wear, even in hot, humid environments.
•    SG31 requires no batteries or expensive battery replacement.
•    SG31 is simple and easy to adjust to the wearer’s head size.
•    When not in use, the product folds up to store in a pocket or drawer.

SG31 is available in black or loden green and is supplied with two pairs of replacement cuffs and carrying case.

SensGard® SG26 with a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels is also available in a choice of gray, red, blue or orange. It is also supplied with two pairs of replacement cuffs and carrying case.

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