Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) today introduced the SureFoam™ hot melt adhesive foaming system, a dispensing solution designed to mix reactive and non-reactive hot melt adhesive material with inert gas to create a homogenous mixture.  As the system dispenses material, gas expands to create a closed-cell foam, which can be applied in swirl or bead patterns using Nordson dispensing handguns. The system is ideal for a wide variety of adhesive applications, such as packaging and assembly, including cabinets and automotive.

“The SureFoam system can help manufacturers dramatically reduce their overall adhesive consumption, while creating higher-performing products through improved material consistency and greater overall productivity,” said George Pais, senior product line manager, Nordson.

The SureFoam system provides users with a number of advantages, including:

•    Manual Density Control – Single adjustment density control allows for simple setup of the foam process and easy density reduction.
•    Simple Interface – The system uses an input signal from the applicator to trigger the mixing process while the melter provides precise, controlled heating and functional interlock.
•    User Friendly Design – Easy to maintain, the system includes minimal service items and few moving parts.

The SureFoam dispensing system allows manufacturers to achieve a number of tangible production benefits, including reduction of adhesive consumption, greater handling flexibility, more uniform adhesive thickness, greater bond strength and better penetration of impervious surfaces.  Other associated benefits include reduced labor cost and improved operator safety.


* Reduce material use and cost up to 50% by increasing volume. * Increase production rates and efficiency with faster set times and increased open times. * Improve bond strength with increased penetration and better gap-filling capability. * Better operator safety with lower heat density.
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