SureStep™ Stepping Systems for Affordable Motion Control


SureStep™ is an open-loop stepping system that provides simple and accurate control of position and speed and offers a cost-effective solution for motion control applications requiring lower power.


5 New Stepper Motors - 9 motors total
Two NEMA 17 stepper motors
Three NEMA 23 stepper motors
Four NEMA 34 stepper motors - super high torque

2 New Stepper Drives - 3 drives total
Standard stepper drive - STP-DRV-4035
Advanced stepper drives - STP-DRV-4805 & 80100

3 New Linear Power Supplies - 4 power supplies total
STP-PWR-3204 (32 VDC @ 4A)
STP-PWR-4805 (46.5 VDC @ 5A)
STP-PWR-4810 (46.5 VDC @ 10A)
STP-PWR-7005 (70 VDC @ 5A)
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