Surface Insensitive Instant Adhesives


The newest surface insensitive Loctite Instant Adhesives from Henkel Corporation maintain their bond strength in operating temperatures as high as 250ºF, yet fixture in just 15 seconds or less. Loctite 401, 406, 495 and 454 surface insensitive instant adhesives rival the temperature resistance of epoxies and acrylics and are designed to meet the needs of high speed assembly processes.   

The adhesives cure rapidly on dry or acidic surfaces and in low humidity environments. These surface insensitive formulations bond reliably to a wide variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, nitrile rubber, chromate-plated parts, paper, balsa wood and more. Offering shear strengths to 3200 psi, Loctite 401 is a medium-viscosity, general-purpose cyanoacrylate adhesive that fills gaps to 0.005 inches, while Loctite 406 is a water-thin wicking grade adhesive designed to fill gaps as small as 0.004 inches. Loctite 495 is a low-viscosity grade specifically formulated to fill gaps as large as 0.004 inches. Ideal for porous surfaces, Loctite 454 is a non-drip gel that fills gaps to 0.010 inches, while maintaining shear strength to 3200 psi. 


  • fixture in just 15 seconds or less
  • bond reliably to a wide variety of substrates