Surfox Weld Cleaning System


The Surfox Weld Cleaning System for stainless steel removes heat tint (bluing) and passivates through an electrochemical process. TIG and spot weld discoloration is removed instantly restoring the original mill finish. Neutralization is accomplished with Surfox-N to complete the cleaning process.

This truly revolutionary system is:


  • Cleaning and passivation of a typical TIG weld is done at a speed of 3 feet per minute


  • Surfox-T electrolyte cleaning liquid is activated for aggressive cleaning through electrolyte action

Easy To Use

  • The cleaning liquid is delivered automatically to the cleaning tip by an integrated pump system - without spills, just the right amount and without stopping the cleaning action

The Surfox Weld Cleaning System is available in three different models, Model 203 - Big Jobs, Model 103 - Everyday Use, Model Mini - Occasional Field Work

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