— Ferraz Shawmut, a global leader in the field of circuit protection, announced the availability of its new Surge-Trap® Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) product line. The only TVSS product of its kind to feature a patented, thermally protected metal oxide varistor (MOV) that does not require the use of additional overcurrent protection, the new Surge-Trap TVSS offers IP-20 grade “finger-safe” protection and mounts easily on a DIN rail to safeguard critical electrical system components — and highly sensitive integrated electronics — from the deleterious effects of transient overvoltages. As today’s industrial control equipment has evolved into increasingly complex, electronics-based systems, these components have correspondingly become more susceptible to transient overvoltages that can interrupt services and create significant unplanned downtime, equipment replacement and repair costs. As the leader in “finger-safe” circuit protection, Ferraz Shawmut designed the Surge-Trap TVSS specifically for point-of-use overvoltage protection in industrial power applications. This offers an advanced solution for plant electricians, engineers and electrical product OEMs seeking to protect vital equipment and components from the costly damage of transient voltage surges. Typical Surge-Trap applications include, but aren’t limited to, AC/DC power distribution, high-voltage power supplies, telecommunications equipment, PLC applications, electronic motor controllers and starters, medical equipment, and UPS and security systems. In addition to delivering the benefits of its unique, thermally protected MOV-based surge suppression technology, Ferraz Shawmut has taken the next step with Surge-Trap, passing the new test requirements in the UL1449 second edition standard for TVSS products. The abnormal over voltage test now includes additional test currents of 10A, 100a, 500A and 1,000 amps. These test levels, which shouldn’t seem problematic, are surprisingly causing many manufacturers to redesign equipment due to product failure. The deadline to pass the UL1449 revisions is fast approaching (Feb. 9, 2007), and any product that doesn’t meet the new standard can no longer be manufactured. From panel builders to end-users, industry professionals should be aware of these changes and the approaching deadline. Buyers should make sure that today’s product purchases will meet tomorrow’s requirements. “It’s estimated that nearly 80 percent of today’s facility overvoltage problems are caused by other equipment and power disturbances within the plant,” stated Kent Walker, director of technical sales and services for Ferraz Shawmut. “And while some electrical professionals believe that surge suppression installed at the service entrance will protect all of the plant’s equipment, this is certainly not the case. In many instances, transient voltage surges are local events in which one piece of equipment discharges harmful overvoltages into surrounding systems. Without adequate TVSS protection these nearby systems can be damaged, diminishing productivity and profitability as the equipment is repaired or replaced. Our new Surge-Trap is the ideal product solution for these types of point-of-use overvoltage applications.” Including features for both visual status indication and remote signaling indication, the Surge-Trap TVSS is suitable for system voltages from 120V to 480V and MCOV rated 150V to 550V, with a 100kA Interrupting Rating and 40kA 8/20µs surge capacity or rating per mode. Agency approvals include UL 1449, Second Edition, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and IEC 61643. Multiple configurations are available and users have the option of either DIN rail or direct panel mounting.
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