The versatile new Southco H3 Swing-Handle multi-point latch system provides enclosure designers with multiple options for tailoring access hardware capabilities to the size, configuration and security concerns of their applications. It can be adapted to single-point or multi-point latching, accommodates a wide range of grip dimensions and includes a wide range of security options. From a stored position within the latch body, the handle pops up for use and operates with a simple swinging motion common to many latches used in computer, electronics, industrial and other enclosure installations. With its housing, handle and covers made from glass-filled nylon, this lightweight latch provides durable performance with a corrosion-resistant exterior in a compact profile. It fits door panel thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mm (.06") to 3.2 mm (.125"). The ramped design on each of its optional cams creates a snug fit to minimize opportunities for door rattle or noise. Independent specification of the latch body, cam, actuator plate assembly, extension rods and lockplugs makes it easy to configure this latching system for single- or multi-point latching to suit most enclosure sizes and designs. Multiple cam options satisfy grip dimensions ranging from 4.5 mm (.18") to 42.5 mm (1.67"). For larger enclosures requiring multi-point latching, standard extension rods—terminating in either a rod roller design or standard tapered rod end design—can accommodate a variety of enclosure designs. Flexible locking options simplify user control over secure performance. A built-in lock cylinder accepts a standard Southco PK lockplug, tool-access drivers or DIN profile locks required by some European standards. Lockplugs can be provided by Southco or by the end user. Keycode configurations include single and multiple keycodes, available from a choice of multiple of standard keycodes. Custom keycodes are also available. Economical components and the ability to specify only those components needed for a specific application enable designers to minimize their enclosure hardware costs while meeting all their operating requirements. And as part of a broad line of Southco enclosure hardware—including hinges, latches, fasteners, and other engineered access hardware—the H3 latch is backed by the full range of Southco's global engineering, support, and customer service resources.


• Less than 200 miliamps operating current • 9 to 24 VDC operating voltage • Constructed of glass-filled nylon • Industry standard 25mm x 150mm panel prep
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