Swinghandle reduces internal and external protrusion from the cabinet door


DIRAK’s new 3-310 Swinghandle FS Offset-Duo-3 offers all the benefits of DIRAK swinghandles with the added benefit of saving valuable space inside the enclosure. The stylized, low-profile design of this new swinghandle reduces protrusion off the enclosure door as well as on the inside panel of the door so not to interfere with the restricted space inside enclosures.

The innovative design of the handle mechanism allows for these space saving benefits. The swinghandle gear actuates a slider which controls the closing mechanism. This mechanism is offset from the main body of the swinghandle. This offset design eliminates the wide rod-latch mechanism found in standard swinghandles which requires additional space inside the door.

The new 3-310 swinghandle requires only 30 mm of space between the door edge and gasket. Locking protection is offered through the use of a profile cylinder and can be configured for multiple latching points (2, 3 or 4 point latching).

For applications where the sensitive electronic equipment housed inside the enclosure needs to be protected from dust and water penetration, this new swinghandle satisfies IP65 requirements.

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