Synthetic Bearing and Gear Grease


Dow Corning Corporation introduces new Molykote® G-1502FM Synthetic Bearing and Gear Grease as an effective lubricating solution for equipment operating in water-rich environments. Tested and proven to be tenaciously tacky, the new grease is formulated to resist spray-off, reduce wear and corrosion, and help users lower equipment maintenance costs. 

Especially formulated to stay in place even with high-pressure equipment wash-down, the new grease outperformed other greases in ASTM D tests for water spray-off, wear and corrosion. In fact, the new Molykote® brand grease demonstrated an ability to minimize lubrication loss and wear scar at typical speeds, as well as in four-ball wear testing at slower (100 rpm) speeds. Corrosion tests showed an ability to reduce rust by as much as 95 percent. Grellier said the high-performance attributes of the new Molykote G-1502FM Synthetic Bearing and Gear Grease also were put to the test in the field. 

A food-production facility in the United States compared how this new water-resistant grease from Dow Corning performed against the lubricating greases the facility had traditionally used for water-rich environments. The results were dramatic, as conveyor lubrication material and labor costs were reduced by more than 80 percent, and increased reliability helped the user reduce relubrication work orders by 75 percent.


  • tenaciously tacky
  • formulated to resist spray-off
  • reduce wear and corrosion

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