System Host Board (SHB) Supports Dual Intel® Xeon Processors with Outstanding I/O Performance


Advantech today announced the PCE-7210, a SHB Express (also referred to as “PICMG 1.3”) System Host Board (SHB) with support for dual Intel® Xeon®/Xeon® LV processors up to 3.6 GHz. Equipped with the Intel E7520 chipset and the Intel 6300ESB I/O controller, this optimized server board supports up to 8GBs of dual-channel DDR2-400 ECC registered RAM. The PCE-7210 provides two PCIe x8 and one PCIe x4 connections, offering up to 10 GB/s of bandwidth to the SHB Express backplane. Another PCIe x4 is linked to a Broadcom BCM5715C dual-port Gigabit LAN chip, enabling high throughputs for heavily loaded network environments. Additionally, an optional IPMI module provides comprehensive platform management. The PCE-7210’s versatility and capability to support larger data sets applications makes it ideal for a variety of high-performance computing and server applications. Higher Performance, Increased Efficiency The PCE-7210 is based around the advanced architecture of the Intel E7520 chipset, which consists of the E7520 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) and the 6300ESB I/O Controller Hub. This server chipset provides an 800MHz FSB connection to dual Intel Xeon or Xeon LV processors with 2MB of L2 cache. With four DIMM slots, the PCE-7210 supports up to 8GBs of dual-channel DDR2-400 ECC Registered DIMM and is ideally suited to a broad range of memory intensive applications. Dual DDR2-400 memory channels deliver a maximum memory bandwidth of 6.4 GB/s while decreased power consumption. Additionally, ECC Registered DIMM includes memory error detection and correction, which is crucial in industrial environments where rock-solid reliability is essential. Outstanding I/O Bandwidth, Enhanced Scalability The PCE-7210 is compliant with SHB Express specifications, and features two x8 and one x4 PCI-Express connections to provide a substantial 10 GB/s of bandwidth to the backplane. Each PCIe x8 interface delivers up to 4 GB/s of throughput while each PCIe x4 interface increases I/O bandwidth up to 2 GB/s. The combination of the PCE-7210 SHB and the 13-slot backplane PCE-7B13-64A1E enable the SHB system to provide two PCIe x8, six PCI-X and four PCI expansion slots for high-bandwidth add-on cards. It’s an ideal platform for a wide range of computing applications which require high I/O bandwidth and reliability, like medical image processing. Additional System Management An optional small form factor “mezzanine board” is also available, designed to provide a fully-fledged IPMI 2.0 interface with LAN and serial port connections for comprehensive platform management capabilities that help reduce the total cost of ownership. RoHS Compliant System Solution The PCE-7210 is compliant with RoHS specification, and is fully compatible with Advantech’s 13-slot SHB Express backplane, the PCE-7B13-64A1E, and comprehensive chassis.
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