T-Force™ Degreaser


CRC’s T-Force™ Degreaser utilizes revolutionary technology that combines the power of a high performance, industrial strength degreaser with lower VOC’s. It offers the performance of Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene and n-Propyl Bromide without the associated risks. It contains no Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Chemicals. It is non-conductive, non-corrosive, non-staining and has no flash or fire point. T-Force™ Degreaser quickly dissolves grease, oil, and sludge for more efficient operation of mechanical equipment. It has a high dielectric strength of 33,300 volts. T-Force™ evaporates quickly, leaves no residue and has a good health & safety profile. Recommended for the effective removal of grease, oil, corrosion and sludge from air tools, mechanical brakes, clutches, chains, wire ropes, motors, dies, molds, parts, bearings, generators and compressors. CRC T-Force™ Degreaser is available in a 20 oz, aerosol can (part #03115.)
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