T-Pac Decontamination System With XL (Extra Long) Liner


Introducing the new T-Pac with XL (Extra Long) Liner from Andax. This complete decontamination station includes an extra long liner, which measures 10 feet in length, and is designed to facilitate and expedite the decontamination of non-ambulatory patients on a stretcher or backboard.

Its extra wide portals and extended length allow hazmat responders to easily access and slide immobilized victims over a roller system, through the de-con station, while maintaining victim privacy. It features two showerheads for fast, easy, and thorough decontamination. The Complete T-Pac with XL Liner is designed for three-stage de-con (dis-robe, de-con, dis-robe) with the assistance of a hazmat team.

As with all De-Con Pac(TM) configurations, the Complete T-Pac with XL Liner can be quickly set up or disassembled by one or more people, with little or no training. Its heavy duty, chemical-resistant liner captures any contaminated fluids, which can be removed through its built-in drain, and is either reusable or disposable. The liner also features a reinforced base for high volume traffic and a Warm Air Induction Port for pumping in hot air to aid in patient comfort.

The Complete T-Pac with XL Liner is ideal for non-ambulatory de-con performed by hospitals, fire departments, law enforcement agencies, the military, emergency management or preparedness teams, Homeland Security, FEMA, and all industrial or chemical plants.


• Color: Safety Orange • Includes: 5 structural frames with self-erecting Auto Roof (3 with integrated shower) 1 extra long replaceable liner with 2” built-in drain 3 replaceable liners with 2” built-in drain 8 privacy doors 4 warm air induction ports 3 gravity flow bag 5 stake kits 6 carry bags • Open (per De-Con Pac™): 5' L x 5' W x 8¾' H • Stored (per carry bag): 10" x 10" x 50" L
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