T5 Adapter


With the new T5 Adapter, upgrading your inefficient T12 fluorescent fixtures is simple and affordable. The T5 adapter snaps into your existing T12 fixtures and results in energy savings of up to 60%. The return on your investment is usually between 1 and 3 years.
In addition to the energy savings, you will experience better quality light output. The T5 tubes
produce a light that is 85% closer to natural sunlight. With old T12 technology, much of the light is projected up and out, away from the source you want to be illuminated. The T5 comes with a built in reflector which directs all of the light downward. The adapter also includes an electronic ballast which replaces the old magnetic ballasts used by the T12 tubes. Since the electronic ballast reduces the current sent to the lamp, the amount of energy used decreases dramatically.
Other advantages of the T5 adapter:
• Less depreciation of light output; after 10,000 hours only 10% depreciation compared
to 35 – 40% for T8 or T12 tubes.
• Instant Start without flickering.
• Save on air conditioning (less heat output).
• No humming sound.
• The ballast is designed to match the T5 bulb; this is critical to the stability of the whole
system. In other systems, the ballast and tube are designed separately.
• Less maintenance required; no need to hire an electrician to replace the ballast. Just
snap in a replacement adapter.
• Environmentally friendly – less energy wasted; less carbon output into the
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